En el contexto de la decadencia de Occidente, la cultura matriz perdió el control sobre su propio destino. Ruinas del pasado y ruinas del presente se miran a los ojos cuando Yorgos, un hombre griego sin hogar, se reencuentra con su pasado histórico. Monedas le son reveladas porque ahora puede ver. El fuego limpia, el fuego purifica y todo comienza nuevamente.

2020, HDV, 2:35, color, sonido, 12 min.


During the decline of the West, the Mother Culture lost the control of its own destiny. Yorgos is a Greek homeless man stuck in a monotone life, when a trip to the old ruins wakes him up. After finding some pieces of the broken Europe on his way back, he sets the fire to offer a second chance.

Das Neue Athen (The New Athens) is a fictionalised document which tells a story of second chances and redemption. Following the so-called Greek debt crisis and its consequences since the early 2010's, I decided to make this film as a possible answer to the Present time, in which the European Project seems to be in a clear decline. This film is political in its particular way. Not from explaining the necropolitical agenda of the neoliberals, nor their punishment methods; but by constructing a plot in which the character (a homeless person), the title (in German language) and the coins (the Euro as a currency), are all of them clues to imagine the reason related to the very last defeat.

2020, HDV, 2:35, color, sound, 12 min.

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